Cra 5 No 26
by Mónica Naranjo U.

Cra 5 No 26 is the view -apparently immobile- that the author has when leaving her house located on the border where Bogota´s downtown begins. A space of permanent crossroads of realities and stories, mostly invisible, kept in silence by the surrounding buildings .

Corners, intersection of times and spaces that force those who cross them for a moment to replace their one-way gaze and see what surrounds them. Street choreographies of fast and intense eye contact, on whose accurate encounter life itself depends for an instant.

Bogota, one of the biggest Latin American capitals, with its roughness and at the same time fragility, revealed in its facades and structures exposed to accelerated urban and human erosion.

Place: Bogotá, Colombia
29,5 x 29,5 cm
Giclée Print
Limited Edition (50)

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