by Leah Fusco
Lugar: Kent (UK)

At one time the Weald was heavily forested, it was a hostile and sparsely inhabited place. Used as a resource by people existing along its boundaries,
the woodlands played a crucial part in the development of Kent as we know it now. Industry and agriculture have thrived and evolved over the centuries. The trees have provided work and economy, alongside darker layers of secrecy and refuge. This book visually reconstructs histories from the Weald. The paintings are the result of location visits and research into records of the area in local libraries and archives. Drawing on past tales of smugglers, kings and highwaymen, the images explore ancient routes across the landscape, traces of which can still be seen today.

32 color pages
19 x 25.5cm
500 copies
First Edition 2016
Language: Spanish and English
ISBN: 978-958-46-7724-2