Illustrated Map of Tribuga Gulf
Chocó, Pacific Coast, Colombia

Project by
Naturaleza Profunda,
Expedición Tribugá and
Nómada Ediciones

70 x 50 cm

The Illustrated Map of the Gulf of Tribuga seeks to represent this territory from its interior, its exuberance and diversity, reflected in its marine and terrestrial species (including some endemic and others that are yet to be discovered, named or classified), where Afro and indigenous communities coexist with eachother, with their traditions, music and myths that recall the mystical and inexplicable dimension of reality, triggered by the same natural exuberance.

The Gulf of Tribugá was
declared Hope Spot by
Mission Blue in 2019.

Naturaleza Profunda
and Expedición Tribugá
Illustrations: Mónica Naranjo Uribe
Design: Nómada Ediciones