Afuera y Adentro − una coedición de Nómada Ediciones y Laguna Libros

Afuera y Adentro ? a coedition between Nómada Ediciones and Laguna Libros
We are very happy to announce that our first title will be published in co-edition with Laguna Libros. Afuera y Adentro portrays the Santo Domingo Square in Oaxaca in a personal and intimate way through a series of drawings. In year 2012, page
Mónica Naranjo Uribe, the author, visited Oaxaca for ten weeks during an artist residency, sponsored by Programa Nacionalde Estímulos del Ministerio de Cultura and Fonca (Mexico). Two years later, the memories of this magical spot of the world gave birth to this book.

Afuera y Adentro